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Zoybar`s 3D CAD Production Files Released Today!

Following our announcement in IDSA's Innovation Quarterly Design Journal, As from today our 3D CAD production files will be available for non commercial use. The transformation to digital formats has changed entire industries. This change enables musicians, film makers and graphic designers to become more independent. It also changed the relationship between the creators and…


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Zoybar`s Vision for Hardware Design and Innovation

We are excited to announce that in the following weeks we will release our 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) production files of the Zoybar components for non commercial use. By releasing these files, Zoybar as a physical platform will also become a virtual one. The cad files will be relevant for use on common cad softwares like Solidworks, Blender and Google Sketchup.

With… Continue

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Open Hardware

Peter Kirn`s post on the OFFF digital design conference in Portugal made me realized that there should be a discussion on the resources and platforms behind the open source approach.

I think that the main issue of open source is sharing resources, providing the recipe doesn't make it collaborative.

It is only one aspect of the equation. I know it may sound obvious… Continue

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Stem of Mashups

There is a new kind of relationship between creators and their audiences that challenge the way each part sees itself and what is expected from the other. The conventional approach defines each one in opposite corners. The creator is considered to be the professional expert and the audience is considered as one entity that can either say yes or no to the creation. One is active and acknowledged and the other is passive and unknown. This approach is beginning to change. Creative disciplines are… Continue

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Competition Result

The competition is over, the results are in and we want to offer a big thank you to everyone who has taken part.

The three winners will be the first to receive a first edition Zoybar hardware kit in the whole universe !!! ;-)

Itouch Guitar 2.0 by Brian Green came top in the site chart view count. You've done a good job man, Congratulations.…


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Designing An Open Platform

One of the biggest challenges in designing an open platform was for it to remain relevant to a long tail of musicians with different needs, styles and skills. The design was not focused on a specific instrument but on a new system that enable the creation of "mass production" of unique one of a kind.

This challenge meant that every component (different function) should have similar visual aspects and similar attachment solution even though they are different in size, material, weight and… Continue

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From The Begining

By the end of 2004, prior to my graduate year as an industrial design student at Bezalel (Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem), I began to have doubts on my future occupation.

The industrial world has been facing in the past years much justified criticism regarding its responsibility over pollution, labor rights and over production as a result of implementing out-sourced approaches.

As part of the competition, Companies and manufactures are focusing on their survival by enhancing… Continue

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